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Our wall knobs were designed out of necessity, but their functionality has no bounds. They're all versatile, but also all good at their own thing. Some are better for hanging art, some are better for bags, some are subtle, and some make a real statement. You do with them what you please, and send us a photo because we love seeing them out in the wild.

Our home decor pieces bring warmth and handmade goodness to all your organizing and functional needs. We scale small, because really space is always at a premium, and we always focus on function. We want you to be able to get the most out of your rooms without compromising your aesthetic.



Newest Addition


The offset knob is a nice new addition to our collection. Available in Walnut and White Oak, and once in a while in something special like the spalted ash pictured above.



Beautifully Crafted

“Simple, functional, well designed, and beautifully crafted.”

— N.C.

Very Pleased

“Came packaged in a very nice box and drawstring pouch (smelled like fresh cut wood, great bonus) hooks included hanging hardware and decent wall anchors. Very pleased!”

— H.S.

Super Well Made

“Shop went out of the way to find a specific wood I wanted and customized these. They're super well made. Thanks a bunch”

— H.M.




Need a bunch?

Get in touch  to talk to us about bulk orders and custom wall knobs