Bring nature in.

Our wall hangings and porcelain work are all one of a kind pieces. Made by Dayna as she explores materials and projects in our general practice. Creating art helps us explore our ideas, materials and works in an in depth way, outside of the parameters of functionality so inherent to furniture making.  What started simply as an ornament has grown into an integral part of our process.

Wood Feathers

Working in a shop we are sometimes very lucky that the offcuts or scraps of wood that come from cutting and milling wood can inspire something new and fun to work on. After bending the wood, the pieces are hand cut into feathers with are finely finished with a natural oil finish. Beautiful and delicate.




Even better in Person

“Loved all the creations from this shop from afar but in person they are even better. I was worried about shipment the most, but Dayna did an excellent excellent job making sure everything arrived in one piece. Would buy again for sure.”

— J.M.

Such a Unique Idea

“It's better than pictured and such a unique idea! Great service as well.”

— L.S.


“The look stunning in the baby cradle, will definitely buy again, I love your art”

— S.N.




Nature inspired, hand sculpted and one of a kind